My Shed Plans A Wood Workers Dream Come True

For anyone who loves woodworking it’s pretty much a dream to build your own shed. Your own work space for your projects and tools and now you can with a brilliant new course called My Shed Plans. If you love gardening and wood working these shed plans are some of the best DIY shed plans ever.

Ryan Henderson has done woodworking for over twenty years and after trying to build a shed of his own one day he got so tired of all the hard blueprints and bad measurements. So he became so fed up that he finally came up with this system of shed plans that is awesome and actually easy instead of hard measuring and needing architecture classes to build a shed he made it easy with this great course.

All the planning is done for you all you have to do is build your favorite shed. With easy how to do it shed plans its finally all laid out for the woodwork lovers who want their very own shed and with 12,000 different shed plans to choose from how can you not find the one you want to build of your very own.

Not only does he include all those shed plans in this course but he has plans for four hundred more different projects! Wood benches to children’s rooms to decks to cradles and coffee tables if you love wood working or just love wood furniture this is the course for you.

This is a wood workers dream come true seriously. If you have always dreamed of making your own wood patio furniture or deck or garden shed this project course offers it all. It offers the shed plans the designs the measurements to get you from start to finish and all on your own.

Shed Plans

This project course has designs for mailboxes and playhouses and kitchen racks and mirrors and dog houses and barn plans. If you have always dreamed of doing your own woodworking and wanting to start making your own wood furniture this is the project course for you.

My Shed plans has twenty years of experienced wood working in it that is so easy anyone could do it even someone who has never built anything could follow these easy designs and plans to make the furniture or shed of their dreams using these shed plans.

My Shed Plans even offers a money back guarantee if you are not completely sold on it when you start to build your new shed. Ryan Henderson has been building sheds for twenty years and now he is willing to share all his secrets and that is twenty years’ worth of wood working secrets and shed plans in this great little project course.

This is absolutely amazing for someone to give the secrets to their beautiful own crafting techniques and make them easy enough for a beginner. All the planning is laid out with projects you can start and finish over a weekend holiday. Meaning you could actually have a shed building party and do it for real over a weekend with these shed plans. These shed plans are nothing like you have seen out there if you are woodworker you understand exactly because most shed plans are not easy in the least. With these shed plans you can finally do this yourself.

Be sure to get this course and get started today building with these shed plans and find the design you always wanted with My Shed Plans because this is a once in a life time project course and it will be valuable to you for years to come. The sheds and furniture guides can help you build the pieces that you can pass down to your children and they can enjoy the beautiful work that these shed plans gave you the opportunity to do.

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How to Build a Shed

Building a shed is a major goal for many home owners, because it is a very useful structure to have put in place. It can provide additional storage area, which may be used to house different types of equipment. Even agricultural owners will stand to benefit from incorporating a shed in to their green space. This is why many owners have become increasingly interested in the different types of sheds that they can choose how to build a shed. There are plans available that will help make this process go much more smoothly over time. This will be a great choice for anyone who just wants to get a stylish and functional new addition to their home.

The first step to understanding how to build a shed will just be deciding what design to use. There are actually many different kinds of designs that are available to people out there. Owners should think about how much square footage they will need and if they will need any sections within the shed itself. For instance, many agricultural sheds will need to have compartments for livestock and different types of supplies. Other owners may get a lot of utility out of incorporating some of these different types of elements in to their shed design as well. Understanding how to build a shed will help everyone who simply needs to integrate the perfect looking unit for their property.

It will then be important for consumers to think about all of the equipment that they will need to build their shed going forward. They will need to piece together some component materials that will help this process go much more smoothly over time. This will ensure that the shed is capable of standing up to the elements over many different seasons. Builders should try to make a good foundation for the shed itself, since this will help provide stability. Concrete slab may be one of the best choices that people have when they first get started. This will work with almost any kind of other building materials that the owner decides to use. When owners think about how to build a shed, they will need to review some of their choices.

How to Build a Shed

Depending on the design of the shed, owners may need to add some kind of roofing to the unit. There are some shed designs that will actually feature shingle roofing on top. This will mimic the design of many houses, but will provide an effective barrier against rain. This is why the roofing structure has proven to be so important to the overall design of the shed itself. Owners should check to make sure that the roofing has been designed to help people get the perfect look that they need to see as well. All of these elements will combine to create the best possible design for the shed that needs to be built. Looking through how to build a shed will help anyone who wants to get more functionality out of their unit as well. It is hard to overstate the importance of creating a shed that can stand up to local whether conditions.

Finally, owners will want to add in a few different customized elements when they consider how to build a shed. There are some models that will feature lighting and cooling systems. These are particularly popular elements to see within expansive shed models. Most people will be impressed by all of the different choices that they have going forward to add in a color scheme as well. Owners may want to paint their shed a color that will simply match the exterior decor of their home. This will provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance that may actually add in value to the overall property.

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Shed Roofing Felt

Shed roof felt is commonly called tar paper. It is made of fiberglass product soaked with asphaltic tar compound and is used as impermanent roofing or as underlayment under shingles or other permanent roofing materials. Traditional roll roofing felt is cheap and easy to install. This kind of felt is polyester resistant bitumen coated sheet which is normally has a defensive fine green mineral finish. It is durable, and last longer, more than 10 years. The standard roof felt last only 5 years.

When installing shed roof felt, first, figure the area of the roof. Then clean the roof deck of any rubbish, stick out nails, or other objects or materials that will destroy the roof felt. Never put the roof felt over a wet damp decking, it will cause bending, twisting or bulging and maybe decaying. See to it that the surface is dry. Substitute any decaying or rotten material on the roof decking. Start at the bottom of the decking, on one end, and roll the felt length way, along the lower edge of the roof. To prevent wetting underneath the decking, allow the lower edge of the felt to overhand the eave about 1 to 3 inches so water will not drip off underneath the decking. To hold it in place, tack in the end of the felt where you begin rolling it. Make sure that it lays flat on the roof surface; pull the felt tight from the opposite end, taking care not to tear it. Use simplex or plastic cap felting nails in nailing the felt. To allow about 4 inches of overlap to the first layer, cut the felt at the opposite end of the roof, and roll felt back to the opposite direction. Overlie the ridge of your roof about one foot, and then place the material in the same manner on the opposite side. If this is going to be more than an impermanent waterproofing measure, cover all the head nails with a tar or roofing mastic. For more lasting roof coverage, use roll roofing, which has a mineral combination coating to stand up. It comes in a different color, thickness and type, so you can choose what you want that suits you.

Simply remove the old, damaged felt from the roof. It is best when you use goggles and gloves for your safety. Hammer nail heads break below the surface of the wood so that there will be no protruding sharp edges to rip the felt. As you remove the nails, you can place the new felt in place easily. Then check the timber. If the timber is need to be replaced, replaced them. Then you can now replace the old felt with new ones.

Felt shingles is an alternative to shed felt. It comes in packs that cover about 3m2 and nailed down to the shed roof giving a look of roof tiles. It is in a strip of three that makes it simple to get them all lined up correctly. It is designed to be strong and with manufactures claimed it at a life span of between 20 years to 40 years. It shouldn’t be replaced often. You can choose colors like brown, green, red and blue to make it more beautiful.


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Vinyl Garden Shed

Garden shed that is very affordable and practical is made up of vinyl or plastic. It may not seem magnificent but it precisely do what it ought to do and at the same time, save cash. Anything that is made of vinyl or plastic will not rot or rust easy. Vinyl garden sheds is not difficult to construct or set it up. It comes in a preassembled type that saves time, effortless and hassle free to build. This kind of shed is the simplest vinyl garden shed ever. It can also be purchased or seen in lots of store nationwide. It comes in an inflatable vinyl shed and Duramax shed available in USA. Visit our shop and find various type of vinyl garden shed. It has different styles, sizes and in colors. Duramax shed comes in different color. The most popular color that people love is grey and green. The color itself fits in a garden to make it more attractive.

Advantages of Vinyl Garden Shed

The best about vinyl garden shed is that it holds moderately stable internal temperature. So the temperature inside is steady and ideal. It doesn’t dry out the things inside when the sun ray is strong and don’t freeze out like in other backyard sheds like metal sheds. However, there are actually detail which make them exclusive and of benefits. Another advantage is it is very economical and easy to build. If you are not into making or assembling things, this kind of sheds suits you. It doesn’t require expertise, you just need to build it only with a handful tools to make them stand erect. It is easy to maintain, just keep it safe unlike others made of wood that decay easily and metal sheds that will create rust effortlessly. If you want it to make it more wonderful, it is readily available in stores with different color that you can choose from.

You can also create a foundation of your vinyl garden shed. Simply assemble your foundation kits. Foundation kits can be also purchase separately. These kits are typically made up of steel frames that fit from the inside inner base of the shed. Overlay it with plywood. It is ideal to use treated plywood so that it will not be easily destroyed and it will protect it from moisture. Cement can also be used as foundation. After you are able to stand up the shed, then come back to place and pour cement inside the shed floor.
Like other shed, it has its disadvantages also. It is not protected from UV ray. It tends to make them fade over a sometime. It is not much attractive than other shed like the ones made of wood. Whatever shed you want, it is important to consider the durability, economy and style of shed you want.

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Metal Shed Insulation

You would apparently imagine of pole barns and old tin types if you hear metal shed insulation. One of the best famous materials to be use for metal shed insulation is Copper, lead has been always safe to for a hundred years already and also steel can be produced to be appealing and will lasts long.

At present, there are lots of houses that are having “asphalt shingles”. These things are not difficult to set up and they are affordable as well but you must think and check that they can be use for short time only and after removing them, they can be no longer to use and should be thrown away. If you are comparing them, if you keep well the metal shed insulation then you need not to replace it after a lot of decades. If you decide to take it off, the metal of this shed is made can be used into some aspects. Water from the rain that runs off of your metal shed insulation and also into you backyard is not deteriorated the way that it would be compared to asphalt shingles.

By installing the metal shed insulation properly, it will take long just like the house and it is a resistant from rot, mildew, insect and fire. Metal shed insulation is a bit bigger and heavier compared to conventional shingle, but much delicate compared to concrete tile or ceramic and even to outdated designed tablet shingles. Metal shed installation can be made in the shape of shingles if you want the look of shingles.

Making a metal shed insulation is very easy.

Now if you are going to insulate the metal shed, are you thinking to set up the metal shed into your garden area or at back yard? Actually, making a metal shed insulation is very easy even if you are not a skilled carpenter. It requires basic skills like measuring and you need to follow instruction plans. Everybody knows that there are lots of uses for a metal shed insulation and lots of different selections can be work with in the stage of designing. Just be sure you are prepared for your project. You need to make sure as well to get the requirements and building permits with you local power and always make sure to schedule in lots of time to finish the work and try to appoint the build with good weather. When its time to begin in making your metal shed insulation, you need to have already selected you site area as this will assist to decide the best building foundation. Then you should measure and stake of the layout and appoint the foundation of the ground.

This time you are all organized and set, take all out your plans and go over them to accustom yourself with this work. Take time to always make sure that all joists and studs are vertical and level before screwing them in place, next you need to side your metal shed insulation. After completing it, you can begin to work on it with the finishing features like running electricity, caulking and painting. Be sure that you caulk well your metal shed insulation before having them paint and establishing trim and such, most especially all around the doors and windows. But if you have problems about your metal shed, you can try to seek answers by asking a building specialist or by asking online. By the time you are finished making your metal shed insulation, you can ask the inspector to have it checks and get the final examination finished. Now, you can enjoy with you new and excellent metal shed insulation.

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How to Insulate a Shed

Insulating a shed has many uses. A shed is an extension of your home. You can make it as a working area for your motorcycle maintenance. Some made it as a small recreational area where you can watch movies together.

Here are some tips on how to insulate a shed.

A common type of insulation is an air barrier. It is made up of plastic sheets that are found outside new home. It can be use in your shed. The air barrier material which is plastic will help keep the air outside where it belongs and made the inside temperature as is. The plastic is wrapped around the she and tacked it in place. Place a siding on top of the air barrier and it can be made up of wood, plastic or aluminum. This combination makes the temperature inside stable.
There is this thing that was said to be the most commonly used as an insulation material, this is the Fiberglass, and you can find and is readily available in the market. It is placed inside the building between hoops. The entire wall material should be cover by the fiberglass. Fiberglass is a good vapor barrier that protects the internal against humidity. Humidity can cause the material to be destroyed and decompose easily.
If you want it to be pleasing and beautiful your shed should be, you can use sheetrock. You can do two things with the sheetrock, it can be painted by you or anyone who knows it or even covered.
The best insulation material is a bubble wrap inside the shed. It doesn’t require special skill in placing the bubble wrap and it is cheaper unlike the other materials. But it will have some small effect on keeping the heat inside your shed over the winter. This kind of the insulation have also the disadvantage, one of it is that it will cause the rainwater soaking into the shed’s cladding and will not evaporate but instead will soak into the wool, and will cause decaying it over time.

Some methods perhaps like the bubble wrap are quick, cheap and easy but it has less effective than the other advanced methods. Other advance methods give additional insulation properties for your shed; however each extra layer includes additional cost and labor. In choosing the kind of shed insulation, you must check your budget and preparedness to invest insulating shed, the time you have to complete your job, the level of insulation you require, and of course, weigh first the advantages and disadvantages.

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Plastic Bike Shed

Plastic Bike Shed – Introduction

Do you have a bike that’s important to you and you wish to keep it in good condition? or you just like to keep your things as nice as possible. If you cannot ensure that it stays in your house, then your next best place to keep it might be in a plastic bike shed. These storage shed is the perfect method to store multiple bikes. Plastic bike shed could keep it safe from weather, from theft, and will provide you with a little more piece of mind about its security. A plastic bike shed offers the advantage of being able to keep all of your cycling kit together so that it doesn’t have to litter up the remaining home.

Bike Storage Sheds Models

Bike storage sheds come in a number of models, but most of them are metal, wood, or plastic bike shed. They can be nothing more than a room and a side to keep the elements off your bike, for an elaborate locked security system that will deter theft. Quite often they are built directly beside your house, and therefore are lockable having a padlock. You can keep regular bicycles in them, quite a few them are big enough for motorcycles too, so if you’re thinking of upgrading someday, you might want to have the foresight to make it big enough.

Plastic bike shed

Plastic Bike Shed

Plastic Bike Shed

If your bicycle shed is going to be stored out of view then you may always get plastic bike shed. Plastic bike sheds particularly look wonderful and they are great in terms of their low maintenance. You won’t ever have to treat a plastic shed also it offers relatively good security therefore if your bike’s aren’t the cheapest you may well want look to a plastic bike shed as an option.

Wooden bike shed

These are personally my favourite type of storage for bicycles as I believe they provide a great compromise between how they look and how they perform.

Wooden Bike Shed

Wooden Bike Shed

I believe they look very natural in the garden and gives a good level of security – a wooden shed isn’t unbreakable but certainly presents a challenge to a thief. The wooden interior of the shed is easily customisable if you want to put shelves as much as store your kit on and this may be the main benefit of a wooden bike shed over every other material. The largest disadvantage of a wooden bike shed however is you need to treat every year to ensure that doesn’t rot.

Metal bike shed

Like plastic bike sheds, metal ones don’t look overly great which means you wouldn’t really want to put them on view. Having said this though, of all the various kinds of bike shed you can get a metal bike shed provides the best to safeguard your bike because it is very hard to interrupt in to which is certainly very hard enter a metal shed quietly.

Metal Bike Shed

Metal Bike Shed

For those who have high-value bicycles then a metal shed is the way to go as you can be sure of these still being there each morning.

Plastic bike shed Conclusion

If you need to keep your bike outdoors, then a plastic bike shed is simply the best way to go about it. These sheds could be anything from a simple weather protection to some locked steel box which will protect against theft. With a little shopping around, you should easily be capable of finding what you’re looking for, either online or from the local contractor.

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Building a Shed
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How to Make Garbage Can Shed

Garbage can shed is a nice and clean feature to your home. Garbage can shed can be easy built and they may be big enough to fit all of your garbage cans including recycle bins. I will try to explain how you can build your own garbage can shed for your cans. All things you’ll need is outdoor paint, wood, screws, drill

Measure the length, width and height one of the garbage cans to determine the distance between the two frame braces. If you have two garbage cans, then double the width of shed. If you have several cans, stack all of the them one next to one another and then make measurements. The shed can be as long as you want. Measure the area where you plan to install the garbage can shed.

Garbage Can Shed Building

Prepare the area for the garbage can shed by leveling the ground, removing rocks, weeds, etc. The area should be level in order to prevent shed from tipping over. You can put the shed directly on the ground or put it on four corner rocks or bricks.

We have already talked about the shed foundations in this post. Choose the most suitable foundation and make it into the dimensions that you previously specified, and position it on the previously prepared surface.

Garbage Can Shed

Garbage Can Shed

Attach a plates to the one side of the foundation. This will be one side wall. Using the 2-4 inch screws, attach the side plates to the base. Do the same with the other side. This will complete the side walls of the garbage can shed. Attach a plates to the back of the foundation. This will form the back wall of the garbage can shed. You may need to attach another plates depending how long you made the base. Use the 2-4 inch screws to attach the plates to one another. Be sure to attach enough screws to secure the plates together.

The support arm will be attached at an angle. Build a side wall support arm on the other side at another angle. Build a back wall support arm by attaching one piece of wood at the top of the back wall. This will reinforce the back wall. Attach a piece of wood at the base of the back wall. This will reinforce the base. Attach a third wood piece at an angle on the back wall.

Garbage Can Shed Roof

A shed roof is a straight sloping roof with no peak and only one side. So, if you wanted rain/snow to run to the back of the storage shed – the front of the shed would be higher than the back of the shed and the roof would run down from front to back. We built the roof using framing topped with plywood. Allow a four-inch minimum overhang for water drainage. Shingle the roof, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top.

Garbage Can Shed Door

Our doors were constructed to mimic the basic look and style of the garage doors. They were constructed from pressure treated plywood and siding. The doors are hinged to open outward and fasten securely when closed using gate latches. The cross-buck design on the door exteriors was created by custom miter-cutting lengths of pressure treated lumber and nailing them in place over the siding to form the “X”s.

Use outdoor paint to paint the garbage can shed. Put 2 coats of paint.

We Recommend 12.000 Shed Planf for detailed Garbage Can Shed Building:

Building a Shed
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How to Build a Pole Shed

How to Build a Pole Shed – Introduction

A pole shed is a basic construction, one of the simplest buildings to make, design is simple, straightforward and functional. A pole shed is what should come to your mind if you are looking out to utilize your outdoor place for the storage purpose, they can be very easily built in open spaces. If you need to build a large shed but you have money limitation , consider building a pole shed. Materials and methods for building this type of outbuilding can save you money. The construction requires only basic woodworking skills, lumber, as well as basic tools such as hammers and nails. The wood used to make a pole shed does not need to be very expensive, and the shed can easily be constructed in any required size. Following a few simple steps, even a novice home improvement fan can make a pole shed.

Let’s learn how to build a pole shed by following the guidelines below.

Step 1: Planning How to Build a Pole Shed

How to Build a Pole Shed

How to Build a Pole Shed

Before you start anything else you need to decide how big you want your shed. Do you need a monster pole barn or just a small pole shed? Draw out a clear sketch of how you intend the shed to look, this will help you to visualize the shed. The most important thing you need is to have a perfect pole shed plan. A well drawn plan and its perfect execution is always important for perfect pole shed. Choose a location for your pole shed that is flat and well-drained. Make sure the future building site is several feet larger than your shed will be. Selecting ideal location for the pole shed is as much important as planning for it. Once the location has been selected. Important thing is to check with local authorities if it is legal to build an outhouse and if not, then taking the permission becomes an important task. Not all, but in some areas the permission of the local authority is mandatory.

Step 2 – Building a Pole Shed

Dig holes in the ground, approximately just below the frost level using a hand held post hole digger. It is very important for the holes to be larger than the actual size of the posts. They must be at least 18 inches deep. If you live in an area where the soil tends to be wet, the holes will need to be deeper and wider to keep the poles in place. Be certain all the corners of the shed are exactly 90 degrees. A layer of gravel (make a 1 to 1 1 inch of gravel base) should then be put into the bottom of the hole, to ensure that the hole has suitable drainage. Place the post in the hole, and then fill the space around it with concrete Filling in additional concrete is required to keep the post away from exposure to the moisture and freezing if you live in extremely cold weather. Provide support to the poles, until the concrete dries off.

Step 3 – Making the Roof

Once the posts are in position, you can begin to build the roof sections. Place the stringers on top of the poles and secure well, checking them with a carpenter’s level. Once the stringers are set, install the roof trusses. You may need help with the first one, as it is the most difficult to place. After the first truss is secured, the remaining trusses can be braced against the first. Mount the purlins across the trusses. Purlins help to support the load from the roof. Once the purlins are in place, add the roofing, overlapping each piece of material and securing each section through the overlap with roofing nails. Make sure the roofing material extends beyond the frame at least 3 inches on all sides. Cover the peak of the roof with a ridge cap.

And you’re finished.

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Types of Sheds

As we know, sheds are big storage buildings, usually positioned in the courtyard of homes. If this is what you think, you would be right; except you forgot one thing… Sheds have a multitude of types as we will review in this text.

Few of the most common types of sheds are for storage and workshops. Most homeowners build their very own sheds utilizing most common material like wood, plastic, metal, vinyl or other material. We will review most common material for shed building. Types of sheds regarding of the materials used, every has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Wood Types of Sheds

Wood sheds are slightly bigger and unfortunately, more expensive than other sheds. These sheds are built in similar design to a house, meaning it has a roof, support beams, rafters, electrical outlets. And, at the end, be sure to keep in mind the color and design of your house prior to building it; you don’t want your shed to be an eyesore for the neighbors. Wooden sheds can mix well with the view. If insulated and heated, similar to a garage, they could also be converted into little office spaces, working areas, or used for extra hobbies such as model painting and building, various crafts, your imagination is the only thing hindering you. If you want to transform your shed, you could even add fancy pieces such as wind chimes, shutters, and flower boxes. But require nonstop maintenance. They are the very modernistic sheds, but they are also the easiest to be damaged.

Plastic Types of Sheds

Plastic sheds storage are recognized for their anti U.V. light attributes. They are cheaper than metal sheds and are new safe and solid. Plastic sheds are greatly customizable since you can add shelving, peg boards, windows, and skylights to it.They can be transferred into a shop to manage a business.

Vinyl Types of Sheds

Vinyl sheds are the strongest range of shed material and they don’t need to be painted. Vinyl storage types of sheds are resistant, low maintenance storage buildings that are designed to optimize storage capacity and storage flexibility. They do not oxidize and do not look for much support, but on the flip side of the coin, they are the very expensive. Some US states ask citizens to fix a permit before installing a vinyl shed. They will need to asses the material, structure, and purpose of the shed before accepting a request, making sure that it is safe for use.

Metal Types of Sheds

Metal sheds storage implement security, and recreational mix at a ratio of the cost of adding on to the home or building a totally new building. It’s complicated to find a better mix of convenience, affordability, and security than a quality metal shed. Homeowners have been taking benefit of the many benefits of metal sheds for decades, and for good reason. Metal sheds are good for termite-prone areas since it can not be attacked by them. They are still fire immune. However, they are easily broken by winds and may canker in time. Metal sheds are a wonderful selection when storing items on a short-term basis because in the long run, metal will eventually start to rust.

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