Garbage Can Shed

How to Make Garbage Can Shed

Garbage can shed is a nice and clean feature to your home. Garbage can shed can be easy built and they may be big enough to fit all of your garbage cans including recycle bins. I will try to explain how you can build your own garbage can shed for your cans. All things you’ll need is outdoor paint, wood, screws, drill

Measure the length, width and height one of the garbage cans to determine the distance between the two frame braces. If you have two garbage cans, then double the width of shed. If you have several cans, stack all of the them one next to one another and then make measurements. The shed can be as long as you want. Measure the area where you plan to install the garbage can shed.

Garbage Can Shed Building

Prepare the area for the garbage can shed by leveling the ground, removing rocks, weeds, etc. The area should be level in order to prevent shed from tipping over. You can put the shed directly on the ground or put it on four corner rocks or bricks.

We have already talked about the shed foundations in this post. Choose the most suitable foundation and make it into the dimensions that you previously specified, and position it on the previously prepared surface.

Garbage Can Shed

Garbage Can Shed

Attach a plates to the one side of the foundation. This will be one side wall. Using the 2-4 inch screws, attach the side plates to the base. Do the same with the other side. This will complete the side walls of the garbage can shed. Attach a plates to the back of the foundation. This will form the back wall of the garbage can shed. You may need to attach another plates depending how long you made the base. Use the 2-4 inch screws to attach the plates to one another. Be sure to attach enough screws to secure the plates together.

The support arm will be attached at an angle. Build a side wall support arm on the other side at another angle. Build a back wall support arm by attaching one piece of wood at the top of the back wall. This will reinforce the back wall. Attach a piece of wood at the base of the back wall. This will reinforce the base. Attach a third wood piece at an angle on the back wall.

Garbage Can Shed Roof

A shed roof is a straight sloping roof with no peak and only one side. So, if you wanted rain/snow to run to the back of the storage shed – the front of the shed would be higher than the back of the shed and the roof would run down from front to back. We built the roof using framing topped with plywood. Allow a four-inch minimum overhang for water drainage. Shingle the roof, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top.

Garbage Can Shed Door

Our doors were constructed to mimic the basic look and style of the garage doors. They were constructed from pressure treated plywood and siding. The doors are hinged to open outward and fasten securely when closed using gate latches. The cross-buck design on the door exteriors was created by custom miter-cutting lengths of pressure treated lumber and nailing them in place over the siding to form the “X”s.

Use outdoor paint to paint the garbage can shed. Put 2 coats of paint.

We Recommend 12.000 Shed Planf for detailed Garbage Can Shed Building:

Building a Shed
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